Finding the right job isn’t easy. Most people spend months searching for the right one. That’s why we created Happy Jobs – to change the way you think about jobs and career. Happy Jobs is a unique job searching site. It is designed to identify your ideal job in the shortest possible time.

Happy Jobs is a resourceful job platform catering to the requirements of micro, small and medium enterprises all over Tamil Nadu. We match ‘Right person for the right Job’ by incorporating extensive search modules to land on right jobs for the job seeker and provide appropriate hiring solutions for the employer.

Registration is free for job seekers where you have to create a personal profile. At no cost, the job seekers are able to browse through a huge list of job openings existing in leading companies. Our clientele is a group of recruiters from all walks of the industry offering jobs with concessions at par with industry standards.

For employers looking for prospective candidates from tier two and tier three cities, we provide you the best web platform with thousands of talented freshers registering with us every day. The traffic makes us understand how there is a dire need for an indigenous job portal like ours that directs deserving candidates to potential employers.

Recruiters are always driven and attracted towards bright and right talent and by being a registered member in our database; you could be one among the fortunate candidates to catch hold of the coveted job. Happy Jobs offers a wide range of job offers spanning almost all industries in the market, IT, AUTOMOBILES, EXPORT AND IMPORT, ACCOUNTING, TEACHING, BANKING and many more.


Hiring the wrong candidate may have severe implications, including lowering team morale, can harm firm's brand and affecting employee engagement as well as increasing absenteeism, affecting customer service, reducing productivity and ultimately impacting profitability. In order to gain a reputable reputation as a great employer with outstanding services, companies should emphasize best recruiting practices to avoid making poor hiring decisions.


In today's tough economy, the cost of vacancy is a useful metric for measuring the economic impact of vacant positions in terms of rupees. Cost of vacancy considers not just economic consequences such as the cost of lost productivity, but also the time gap between when talent is needed and when recruiters can offer it. The longer a post stays unfilled, the more expensive it becomes.


Job applicants for the most in-demand IT jobs are tough to land in 2021, and that’s probably to continue: Postings for open IT jobs are at their increased stage considering steady growth since, 2019.

Happy jobs reach out to recruiters, executives, and tech pros, asking them to weigh in at the first-rate possibilities they see within the 12 months ahead. Technology stays as a warm region for the job marketplace heading into the 2020s. The idea is that in case you try and make a living doing something you love, you’ll work tougher at it, and then fulfillment and prosperity will follow. Unfortunately, in real life, it doesn’t constantly work out that way. There are extra career openings in fields which include designing, developers, technology, content writing and food service.

The Occupational outlook handbook predicts that every one of these fields will develop by more than 10% between 2018 and 2028, even as other sectors of the financial system develop an average of 4%. If you’re burning out to your recent job, or feel that your role can be heading toward a dead-end, consider a number of those roles that devote protection and seek a regular increase for the foreseeable future.

✦ Machine learning and AI engineers

✦ Product designers

✦ Software developer

✦ Export executive

✦ Internal auditor

✦ Java developer

✦ Production executive

✦ Marketing manager

✦ Human resource manager

✦ HR compliance manager

✦ Digital market executive

✦ Production executive

✦ Cloud integrator


To get a job, you need to get an interview. Yes, it could be a virtual interview or a walk-in-interview by Happy Jobs. Without an interview, it is almost impossible to get a job. Your employer needs to know you in person, your skills, and aptitude before they hire you. Sometimes companies do not have one applicant; there are several, so they arrange an interview for similar or different positions through Happy Jobs.

Happy Jobs interview gives you a chance to shine. What you say and do will either move you to the next round of consideration for employment or knock you out of contention. You'll also need to show the interviewer that you're a good fit for both the position and the organization. With some preparation provided by Happy Jobs, you'll be able to present yourself as a candidate any organization would love to hire. Doing your best to get the hiring manager on your side will help you get hired.

Telephonic Interview:

While you're actively job searching in Happy Jobs, it's important to be prepared for a mobile interview on short notice. You never know when a recruiter or a networking contact might call and ask if you have time to talk about a job opportunity.

Online Interview:

Happy Jobs introduces the online video interview platform that saves time, money & stress. We provide a convenient, free service that eliminates the time and hassle typically spent setting up and traveling for an in-person interview. Register as a job seeker now and start your first interview right away in Happy Jobs. Join us in revolutionizing the way you find jobs. If you are interested, Register yourself for free and just make time to take up a telephonic interview now.

Walk-in Interview:

In Happy Jobs, A walk-in job interview is an open discussion for a specific job where the company accepts applications for a certain amount of time and then schedules a walk-in-interview where the interested applicants can come and attend the interview.

Happy Jobs also provides an on-spot interview for the candidates rather than giving them a specific date and time. These interviews can be more challenging than all others because there is more competition for a position, and you need to stand out and make the employers believe that you are a deserving candidate than the rest. Register your profile in Happy Jobs, take away the interview and wow the interviewer.

Interview Tips:

Preparing For A Job Interview Warming up is essential for an athlete, and it is also essential for a job seeker. Start with the basics and discover some important tips and pointers on how to smooth out your interview skills.

Be on Time Never be late for an interview. If it is a real face to face interview, then ensure to attain the area properly before the schedule. It offers you time to relax and be calm with the new environment.

The apparel impression: Your dressing experience is the mirrored image of your identity. It characterizes the society you return back from. Dress such as you represent them. A formal suit is recommended. Dark trousers and a white shirt will be the excellent blend. Abstain from sporting colored shirts and trousers. Resemble a professional.

Know about the organization: You need to research as a lot as you may approximately the corporation. A excellent vicinity to begin is the corporation's website. If you've got got been referred via a chum actually have a frank dialogue with him or her. Also, do a google search at the corporation to recognize what others are pronouncing approximately the corporation.

Be Confident: Be confident, you've got organized nicely and this needs to display on your self-assurance stage with the interview.

Be clear in your words: Spell out your thoughts as truly as you may. Also try and substantiate your thoughts with examples. Don't be overly wordy and try and hold your solutions to the point. Do now no longer try and deviate an excessive amount of from the question.


What to do when you think your performance appraisal is wrong? A performance appraisal is the process record of a manager's assessment of an employee's job quality. The manager has made a fair assessment if the opinion is based on the manager's honest assessment of how well the employee has performed and is unbiased and without bias.

The employee is given three options:

•"My manager could be correct. I'm disappointed, but I'm going to accept it and make the necessary changes to justify a higher rating next year."

•"This rating is incorrect, and I'm willing to go to any length to change it."

•"I'm getting out of here."

•No matter how disappointed and upsetting the review is, which the employee will understandably be if he or she does not agree with the appraisal, proceeding cautiously is the best approach; and the one most likely to earn the employee a favorable appraisal in the future.

A few steps that the employee can take if they disagree or dispute aspects of their review:

•Think objectively

•Set up a follow up meeting

•Get others’ viewpoint

•Plan for the next review ahead of times

•Be Consistent

•Speak to HR if needed

•Explore what options lie ahead


Happy Jobs provides the most accurate job information for Job Seekers about interviews across Tamil Nadu. is an effective tool that connects job seekers and job providers globally. We remove the geographical boundaries in the hiring process by using technology more effectively.

Everyone wants to be placed but only a few have a right place … that is why we are here..!! We help people catch out the jobs they are looking for. We support people in finding the perfect job, whether it is a part time job / full time job/ WFH according to their requirements and needs. Happy Jobs makes your life happier!